Enhance your on-site communication between staff members and staff and guests, with the use of LRS guest paging solutions. The solutions designed specifically for guest paging give you an opportunity to ensure streamlined communication to help increase productivity levels and optimize the guest experience. With guest paging, you eliminate the need for obtrusive overhead paging and don’t have to confine guests or patients to a waiting area.

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  • Coaster Pager Charger

    The patented design of the CHARGER 8 allows you to place the coasters on to the stack in any direction. Charging is accomplished through nickel-plated charging pins located in each of the four corners. Each CHARGER 8 has two jacks for cascading multiple chargers together using the 6″ jumper wire included. The best thing about cascading chargers is that only one outlet is required.

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  • Custom Labels

    We offer custom labels for the Coaster Call and custom inserts for the Adverteaser paddle pager. Promote specials, advertise new products, or simply customize the pagers with your company logo.

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  • Extended Range Antenna – 7FT.

    Certain systems require extra signal strength. In most cases, the seven foot extended range antenna provides twice the range our transmitting products normally provide. Keep in mind that range can vary greatly from location to location.

    • Can be mounted indoors or outdoors
    • Slim design allows unobtrusive installation
    • Slim profile allows it to be mounted virtually anywhere
    • Easy to install
    • Mounting hardware included
    • Dimensions: 2″ (W) x 84″ (L)

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  • Metal Coaster Holder & Charger

    Our metal coaster holder provides an attractive receptacle where guests can return their pagers. With a sleek and stylish design, the coaster holder is constructed of steel for industrial strength and durability. The unit has a smooth, black, powder-coated finish to prevent chipping and to make it easy to clean. The holder is also designed with rubber feet that allow it to be set firmly on virtually any flat surface. Our metal coaster holder has the capacity to hold one charger base and up to 15 coaster pagers. The metal coaster holder includes a pre-installed 15 coaster charger. All you have to do is plug it in.

    • Includes a 15 Coaster Call charger
    • Steel construction
    • Smooth, Black, Powder-Coated Finish
    • Holds up to 15 Coaster Call pagers
    • No-Slip Rubber Feet
    • Dimensions: 8.25″w x 15″h x 5″d

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  • Wooden Drop Box

    Our solid oak drop box will decrease your lost pagers. Instead of walking off with your pagers, guests can simply drop the pager in the box if they decide to leave.

    • Solid oak construction
    • Fitted with a heavy duty lock
    • The front of the box is engraved with “If you are leaving, please deposit pager here”
    • Mounting hardware included – mounts to the wall with two screws
    • Dimensions: 11.75″w x 14″ h x 5″d

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  • Wooden Holder For Coaster Pager

    Our wooden coaster holder is designed to store your coasters in an attractive setting. The holder comes in two models: a 45 coaster holder and a 60 coaster holder. The coaster holder is unstained so it may be stained to match any decor.

    • Dimensions 60 coaster holder: 20.5″w x 15″h x 6.5″

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