The LRS staff paging systems are some of our simplest and most effective solutions for both small and large organizations. Whether your a healthcare facility, restaurant or university, our staff pagers will help to streamline communication and increase staff productivity levels, thus increasing your bottom line and customer satisfaction.

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  • Extended Range Antenna – 7FT.

    Certain systems require extra signal strength. In most cases, the seven foot extended range antenna provides twice the range our transmitting products normally provide. Keep in mind that range can vary greatly from location to location.

    • Can be mounted indoors or outdoors
    • Slim design allows unobtrusive installation
    • Slim profile allows it to be mounted virtually anywhere
    • Easy to install
    • Mounting hardware included
    • Dimensions: 2″ (W) x 84″ (L)

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  • Pager Charging Station 5

    CHARGER 5 is the charging station for all SP5 pagers and T901 handheld transceivers. This charger can be configured to hold from 10 to 25 pagers or handhelds. Charging is accomplished through nickel-plated charging plates located inside each slot of the CHARGER 5. Each CHARGER 5 has two jacks for cascading multiple chargers together using the 1″ jumper wire included. Because CHARGER 5 stations are cascading, they only require one power outlet minimize space requirements.

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