Improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by implementing one of our simple, single-button push-for-service solutions. These simple, but effective devices were designed to give your guests and staff the ability to call for assistant from specific, designated locations—restaurant tables, the dinner theater seats or even patient wait rooms at healthcare facilities. With this solution, ensure neither guests nor staff members have to wander around searching for help, thus increasing productivity levels and customer satisfaction.

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  • Pronto Push For Service Transmitter

    Improve staff response time and enhance customer service at the touch of a button

    Transform intra-office and customer communication with our PRONTO Transmitter. This compact, pushbutton paging system can dramatically improve staff response times, raise customer service levels and increase productivity by improving communication.
    Unlike other push-for-service paging systems, the wireless PRONTO Transmitter can be placed anywhere you need it: on top of the desk, mounted to the wall or even under a desk to discreetly page someone. Staff members can contact each other when they need assistance or customers may request assistance with the push of a button. Ideal for smaller offices of 2500 square feet or less.

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