LRS Hand-Held Guest Pagers & Restaurant Solutions

Improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction has never been easier with the help of LRS hand-held guest pagers. Don’t confine guests to a waiting room—give them the freedom to visit the on-site eatery, roam the premises or socialize with friends. With any of our wireless hand-held guest pagers, instantly and silently call waiting guests back to the counter for quicker response times and more streamlined customer service.

These hand-held guest pagers were originally designed by LRS to improve the guest’s waiting experience at busy restaurants, but now serve several different industries, such as: healthcare, hotels and resorts, church nurseries and health clubs.

Guests and patients with hand-held guest pagers have the freedom to roam the premises until a staff member pushes a button to send a silent, instant page to the guest’s hand-held guest pager. With a wireless paging system, you reach guests more efficiently, decreasing wait times and counter congestion to improve the overall guest experience, therefore increasing your bottom line.

In addition to the original Coaster Call, you can find LRS hand-held guest pagers in several different forms, including: Lobster, Pizza, Adverteaser, Antimicrobial and Alphanumeric guest pagers.

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