Truck Driver Paging

Dramatically improve communication with truck drivers and route them to the right cargo delivery areas more efficiently with Truck Driver paging. The system is easy to use. The driver is handed a pager when checking in at the office. Now drivers can wait with their vehicles, and staff won’t have to track down a driver when it’s time for delivery.

When the warehouse is ready to receive cargo, the staff sends a message to the alphanumeric pager. It flashes and vibrates when a message is received, ensuring the driver won’t miss the page. Messages on the pager screen can direct the driver to go to a different location, move something, contact the front office or other directions. Once the message is received, the driver goes to the location, checks in with receiving staff and hands back the pager. With Truck Driver paging, you can:

  • Provide instant, clear notification to drivers
  • Direct drivers to deliver cargo with minimal effort
  • Ensure messages are received in a busy environment
  • Make it easy for office staff to direct drivers

Shipping and receiving areas are busy areas, and it can be difficult to coordinate deliveries and move drivers through the process efficiently. With Truck Driver paging, the driver can respond to messages immediately, which speeds up response times, eliminates missed messages and improves communication. Current LRS customers have reported that their paging system has allowed them to increase overall receiving productivity by approximately 2.5 hours a day, so you can streamline operations and increase productivity in addition to improving driver/office communication.

For added convenience, pagers may integrate directly into the NetPage Unlimited System, allowing managers to page a driver from any web browser. Or, drivers may be paged from our T7460 desktop transmitter.