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  • Charger 9 - 15 Pager

    Pager Charger Station 9

    CHARGER 9 is the charging station for all Service Pagers and AdverTeaser Pagers. Each CHARGER 9 can hold up to 5 pagers. Charging is accomplished through nickel-plated charging plates located inside each slot of the CHARGER 9. Each CHARGER 9 has two jacks for cascading multiple chargers together using the 1″ jumper wire included. Because CHARGER 9 stations are cascading, they only require one power outlet minimize space requirements.

    • Charger 9-15 – Holds up to 15 pagers
    • Charger 9-25 – Holds up to 25 pagers

    Charger Base Dimensions: 14″ x 8.75″ x 3.25″

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  • Pager Charging Station 5

    CHARGER 5 is the charging station for all SP5 pagers and T901 handheld transceivers. This charger can be configured to hold from 10 to 25 pagers or handhelds. Charging is accomplished through nickel-plated charging plates located inside each slot of the CHARGER 5. Each CHARGER 5 has two jacks for cascading multiple chargers together using the 1″ jumper wire included. Because CHARGER 5 stations are cascading, they only require one power outlet minimize space requirements.

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  • Pronto Push For Service Transmitter

    Improve staff response time and enhance customer service at the touch of a button

    Transform intra-office and customer communication with our PRONTO Transmitter. This compact, pushbutton paging system can dramatically improve staff response times, raise customer service levels and increase productivity by improving communication.
    Unlike other push-for-service paging systems, the wireless PRONTO Transmitter can be placed anywhere you need it: on top of the desk, mounted to the wall or even under a desk to discreetly page someone. Staff members can contact each other when they need assistance or customers may request assistance with the push of a button. Ideal for smaller offices of 2500 square feet or less.

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  • Butler II - 5 Button Transmitter

    Pushbutton Paging – Butler II

    Pushbutton paging with the Butler II will increase customer service levels and improve staff responsiveness. The simple pushbutton transmitter is easy to use and may be attached to almost any surface. Each Butler II unit can be customized with specific messages and gives staff the ability to alert guests or fellow employees with one touch.

    Place the Butler II where you wish to enable anyone to instantly contact a staff member.

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  • TX9560EZ Transmitter

    Server Paging System Transmitter – TX-9560EZ

    The new T9560EZ transmitter is a simple and affordable component of a complete LRS staff paging solution. Used to transmit notifications between the kitchen and wait staff, the T9560EZ helps servers speed up the food delivery process with instant notifications from the kitchen when food is ready, ultimately enhancing the customer experience. This portable, wireless transmitter contacts up to 20 servers with a simple touch of a button, and is compatible with any LRS pager. The T9560EZ transmitter provides smaller restaurant concepts a great solution for instant notification between staffs.

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  • Service Pager with belt clip

    Service Pager

    The Service Pager from LRS is the only on-site pager to feature wireless programmability. This enables the user to easily change the number of any pager from the transmitter at their location. This feature is ideal for servers in restaurants eliminating the need for grease pencils and white boards. It is also the only rechargeable pager that utilizes a pager cradle instead of an attached belt clip. The pager cradle minimizes breakage limiting service costs and repair fees.

    The LRS service pager has the strongest vibration in the industry making it the workhorse of many industries including restaurants, nurseries, salons, and retail. In addition to its vibration alert, the LRS service pager has 4 messaging LED lights that will enhance overall communication.

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  • Table Tracker For Fast-Casual Restaurants

    Deliver Food Faster.

    Streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction with Table Tracker. Advanced technology follows and reports on the entire service cycle – from ordering, seating, food delivery, to table clearing.  Real-time data displays order status and table locations for faster table-side service and a noticeably improved customer experience.

    Benefits include:

    • Greater staff collaboration
    • Improved speed of service
    • Measurable efficiencies in operations
    • Enhanced dining experience

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  • The Adverteaser Paddle Pager

    Powerful Communication. Notify guests, patients or customers instantly with the device that revolutionized the guest communication process. The nearly indestructible wireless pager was invented by LRS to streamline operations and optimize the guest experience—saving you money and guaranteeing repeat business.

    Originally designed as part of a restaurant paging system, the Adverteaser has also been proven successful in churches, healthcare, retail stores and more.

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  • T7470-C232 Transmitter

    TX-7470-C232 Interface Transmitter

    If you are developing application software and would like to interface with a paging system, the T7470-C232 is just what you need. It’s packed with all the features of the Freedom Transmitter (excluding cell phone messaging) without a keypad. Everything is downloadable via an C232 port.

    The T7470-C232 is compatible with Coaster Call, Service Pager, AdverTeaser pagers, Lobster Call and our alphanumeric pagers.

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  • Wooden Drop Box

    Our solid oak drop box will decrease your lost pagers. Instead of walking off with your pagers, guests can simply drop the pager in the box if they decide to leave.

    • Solid oak construction
    • Fitted with a heavy duty lock
    • The front of the box is engraved with “If you are leaving, please deposit pager here”
    • Mounting hardware included – mounts to the wall with two screws
    • Dimensions: 11.75″w x 14″ h x 5″d

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  • Wooden Holder For Coaster Pager

    Our wooden coaster holder is designed to store your coasters in an attractive setting. The holder comes in two models: a 45 coaster holder and a 60 coaster holder. The coaster holder is unstained so it may be stained to match any decor.

    • Dimensions 60 coaster holder: 20.5″w x 15″h x 6.5″

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