Motorola Two-Way Radio – RM Series

motologoLRS is pleased to offer the Motorola RM Radio Series. This industrial strength radio includes scanning features, advanced voice activation, scramble codes and a manager lock feature, so you ensure secure and reliable communication within your organization. Plus, on-site communication systems are key in providing a safe and productive work environment, since they give you the ability to make sure employees are staying on task and customers are being attended to efficiently — thus, improving day-to-day operations and increasing your bottom line.

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  • 2-watt power
  • 4 channel operation
  • Operates on 89 UHF frequencies and features 122 codes
  • Rugged, Water-Resistant design
  • Exceptional Audio Quality
  • Lithium Ion battery (can also use 4AA batteries)
  • Autoscan
  • Easy Cloning
  • Scramble

Each Radio Includes:

  • Rechargeable, High-Capacity Lithium Ion Battery
  • Alkaline Battery Kit
  • Accessory Brochure
  • User Manual

D-Shaped Earpiece with PTT

Acoustic Surveillance Earpiece with PTT

Multi-Unit Charger