Discontinued: Quick Casual Paging – Key Call

Attention: This product has been discontinued. Check out the new Table Tracker here.

Get rid of your table tents and go high-tech with the Key Call™ Table Locator System. Perfect for fast-casual restaurants that deliver food to the table. Our unique Key Call lets you stop wasting time searching for your guests’ tables by letting you know where they sat before you even leave the kitchen. That way you can get their order to them quickly without wandering through the entire restaurant. This system eliminates the need for multiple food runners.

With Key Call, your guests get their food while it’s hot, and you get faster table turns and increased efficiency.

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The operation of Key Call is simple:

  1. Customer places order at the counter which starts a timer
  2. Customer is given an order “Key”
  3. When the customer selects his/her table, they insert the key into the Key Call unit
  4. A signal is sent back to the kitchen indicating where to deliver the order
  5. When order is ready, runner looks at the screen and goes to that table
  6. The key is collected and brought back to the kitchen to stop the timer

Order Display

Orders are displayed on the screen with order number, table number and elapsed time. As time increases, the order changes colors making it easy to pick out late orders. If an order exceeds the programmed time, the manager is paged immediately with the order and table number.


Reporting Screen

The best feature of Key Call is that the manager can generate daily reports showing food delivery times. Each report can further be broken down by hour or minute showing precise timing for each dining interval. The report will show average delivery time, as well as, how many times a manger was paged.


For those restaurants wanting to allow guests to page your staff for service, we offer a Key Call unit with Push For Service feature. Using this feature, guests can call a staff member for table side service. This feature allows quick casual restaurants to give the same level of service as a traditional restaurant.

Key Call operates on any monitor (preferably a touch screen) with the following requirements:

  • 17″ Monitor
  • Displays 1280 x 1024 67Hz resolution
  • Must use ELO Drivers (Accutouch 2216 chipset)
  • Ethernet Port


  • Features 2.4GHz Zigbee platform technology
  • Color-coded service time-elapsed status screen
  • Uses guest pagers for take out orders
  • Starter and Clearing units for a more accurate delivery measurement
  • Water resistant
  • Low battery indication
  • Battery life 4-6 months depending on usage
  • Operates on 3AA batteries
  • Tamper resistant design
  • Notifies management on a pager for specific late order alerts
  • Summary and detailed reporting available
  • Dimensions: 2.75″ x 7″ x 1.375″


  • Reduce labor by eliminating runners
  • Push for service option allows guests to page their food runners
  • Eliminates walking aimlessly through the restaurant trying to locate guests
  • Increase throughput with faster customer service

Key Call Keys with Holder

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