Forklift Pager

The forklift pager improves communication and productivity in your warehouse or distribution facility.

This simple messaging system quickly delivers a message to the forklift driver. The 24V device is usually mounted to the overhead guard post on the forklift, and it flashes when a message is received. Messages can direct the driver to go to a different location, move something, contact the front office or give other directions. Once the message is received, the driver can clear the device with a push of a button. With Forklift Paging, you can:

  • Provide instant, clear notification to drivers
  • Direct drivers to complete a task with minimal effort
  • Ensure messages are received in a loud environment

Warehouses are typically noisy places, so an overhead page could be misunderstood or easily missed. With Forklift paging, the driver instantly sees there is a message and can respond immediately, which speeds up response times, eliminates missed messages and improves communication because the message is clearly conveyed.

For added convenience, Forklift Pagers integrate directly into the NetPage Unlimited System, allowing managers to page a driver from their desktop PC. These pagers are hardwired directly to the forklift battery so there are no charging bases and no monthly fees, making it a solution that’s easy to implement and maintain.