Fast Casual Restaurants Go High Tech With The Key Call™ Table Locator System

Jason Barge
Marketing Manager


Addison, TX, April 2008 – Restaurants are using a high tech solution to eliminate food order delivery confusion in their fast casual concepts with the Key Call TM Table Locator system by Long Range Systems (LRS).

Food auctions are becoming a thing of the past. According to Ken Lovegreen, LRS President, “Key Call takes the confusion out of Fast Casual. With this system, food runners know EXACTLY what table to go to and food is delivered while it is still hot.”

Key Call is easy to set up and simple to use. Guests are given a “key” after they place their order at the counter.  The order then displays on the Key Call Status Screen located in the kitchen and a timer is started. As guests find a table, they insert their “key” into the Key Call unit located at their table. The unit then wirelessly transmits the table number to the Status Screen. As orders are ready, food-runners check the Key Call Status Screen and locate guests quickly as they know where they are seated before leaving the kitchen. If orders take too long to deliver, the system will page a manager to let them know. An optional Push-for-Service button on the Key Call unit allows guests to page their waiter when they need refills, the check, etc. For restaurants offering take-out service, the system also works with LRS guest pagers that flash when their food is ready to pickup.

The benefits of the system for restaurateurs go beyond the already mentioned. “The reporting features lets managers see real time performance of their restaurant, and as result, they are able to address performance issues immediately. Also, with the Push-For-Service option, guests are able to receive the same level of service as Full Service restaurants without the labor costs,” comments Lovegreen.

The stylish Key Call units are 5-3/4” high and have a chrome finish. They operate on three AA batteries and have an average battery life of twelve months, depending on usage. The units are water resistant so they can be used indoors or outdoors. Located on both sides of the unit are display panels that allow space for company logos or advertisements.

For more information about LRS’ Key Call table locator system and the company’s other products and service offerings, visit the company’s NRA 2008 exhibit at booths #5437 – North Hall and #3237 – South Hall, website at or call 800-437-4996.

About LRS
Long Range Systems (LRS) has been the leading supplier of onsite wireless paging systems since 1993. Based in Addison, Texas, LRS serves a global market with offices around the world. The company first introduced the popular coaster guest pager in 1995, and since then has been an innovation forerunner with 19 patents. LRS demonstrates its leadership by providing superior onsite paging solutions to clients across multiple industries, including Fortune 500 companies.  The company maintains total control of engineering and manufacturing processes to ensure product quality and performance. LRS offers value driven products that provide solutions to its customers in streamlining operations, improving service levels, and increasing sales.

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